Why You Should Invest in a Chop Stop Salad Franchise

Did you know that most fast food restaurants have lost market share over the last few years? A growing number of people don’t want to eat at restaurants that serve unhealthy foods. Instead, they’re focused on choosing plant-based meals that help them lead healthier lives. Investing in a Chop Stop salad franchise gives you a chance to make money from this trend.

If you need a little convincing, consider these four reasons to invest in a Chop Stop salad franchise.

Chop Stop is the Only Chopped Salad Franchise in the United States.

More Americans are taking their health seriously. A part of that change involves eating food from fresh restaurant franchises. When given the option between a burger and a salad, a lot of Millennials and other young people choose the salad.

Chop Stop has already seen the benefits of serving fresh, healthy foods. The restaurant’s five corporate locations and two franchises are already thriving because more people want to eat the types of food served at Chop Stop.

Despite the trend toward healthier food, Chop Stop is the only chopped salad franchise based in the U.S. By starting a fresh restaurant franchise, you can position yourself to profit from America’s evolving eating habits.

A Salad Franchise Has Minimal Space Requirements

Unlike most restaurant franchises, Chop Stop doesn’t require much space. The typical restaurant franchise needs a full kitchen with expensive equipment. A Chop Stop salad franchise, however, only needs enough room to store ingredients and prepare salads.

By choosing Chop Stop over a fast food franchise, you can keep your real estate costs low while substantially lowering expenses for kitchen equipment.

Quick Meal Prep Means You Can Serve More Customers

Since Chop Stop’s founding in 2010, the restaurant has developed salad and Chopurrito recipes that employees can make quickly. The recipes are so fast to prepare that customers can be in and out of your restaurant in just over 3 minutes.

Having the ability to serve customers in under 3.5 minutes means that you can make more money from your fresh restaurant franchise. When customers know that they need a quick place to grab lunch without waiting in long lines, they’ll think about your Chop Stop location. As your number of customers grows, so will your profits.

It’s Easier to Get Permits for Takeout Food Franchises Like Chop Stop

Depending on your location, it can take months to get the permits that you need to open a restaurant. Many local ordinances, however, make exceptions for takeout food franchises that don’t have fryers, grease interceptors, and other equipment.

How long it takes to get your license varies from city to city. Regardless of where you live, you can expect to get a license for your carry-out franchise faster than someone opening a full-service restaurant.

The way that Americans eat is changing quickly. If you’re interested in supporting this healthy change while being part of a bright future, apply to open a Chop Stop salad franchise.