Own a Chop Stop Salad Franchise in Simi Valley

If you’ve been doing research on the best restaurant franchises to own, keep reading to discover why a Chop Stop salad franchise would be a great addition to the Simi Valley Community.

Simi Valley was voted the 5th Happiest City in the U.S., and if you own a franchise with Chop Stop, you could push that ranking to #1. In fact, we believe President Reagan would have preferred our Chopped Salads to jelly beans. No, that’s not Fake News. We’re the #1 Chop Salad franchise in the nation, and we bet he would have loved our Chops.

After the energetic people of Simi Valley do their hikes up Rocky Creek Trail or through the Santa Susana Pass, they’re going to want a lot of water and a healthy Chopped Salad from Chop Stop. Nothing else will do.


 Some hikers may want a hearty meal to regain their energy, while others may want to pump their exhausted cells full of nutrition. A Chop Stop salad does both.

We’re not a typical, ordinary, bland or wimpy salad bar franchise. We offer your customers a big, bold bowl of fresh ingredients so finely chopped they’ll be tempted to eat it with a spoon. As we like to say, it’s “more than a salad.” It’s a complete meal. One full pound of nutritious goodness. 

If you’ve looking to open a restaurant franchise, we know you’ve been waiting for something distinctive to set you apart from every other fast food franchise for sale in Simi Valley. Well, here it is. Our Chopped Salad concept is as unique as Grandma Prisbrey’s

Bottle Village. It’s also as cost-efficient.
How much is a franchise with Chop Stop? Well, our starting price is $285K. No, that’s not a typo. We don’t cost a million or more like some of those other fast food franchise opportunities. We are a low cost franchise. We offer two great benefits few cheap food franchises can match. One, there’s no cooking, so there’s no need for expensive kitchen equipment. Two, you only need 1,100 square feet for storage, a salad station, and seating. That’s a fraction of the size many other franchises require.

In addition to the great savings, we offer you the added value of superb training and support. In our comprehensive 6-week training course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build your own salad restaurant


Our Salad Gang will train you better than the old stuntmen at the Corriganville Movie Ranch. Plus, you don’t need any experience in business, franchising, or restaurants. All you need is a passion to bring a healthy food franchise to Simi Valley. We’ll teach you the rest.

Franchising is a great way to break into the restaurant business. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to keep growing. That’s why we keep things simple. We’ve created an easy Turnkey Investment that makes it easy to open more Chop Stops. Then we offer you exclusive territories so you won’t have any competition when you do open other stores. Our first franchise owner has already opened her third store in three years. You can watch some of our testimonials here.

If you’re looking to open a vegan franchise, Chop Stop is a natural fit for that sector. We offer a Wasabi Veggie Chop with our delicious Wasabi Delight Dressing, or your customers can choose from our “Build Your Own Chop” option to pick a plant-based protein of their desire.

When you’re serious about taking a good, hard look at franchises to buy in California, fill out the form on this page and one of our friendly salespeople will be in touch ASAP to show you why Chop Stop is one of the best restaurant franchises to own.




There’s no reason to wait, no obligation, and literally nothing to lose!

Take your first step down the road to becoming a Chop Stop salad franchisee today, while most territories are still open. Fill out the form below and someone will contact you ASAP. Or call (818) 369-7350 and ask to speak with a franchise salesperson.