Own a Chop Stop Salad Franchise in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the healthiest cities in the nation, so if you’re looking into healthy fast food franchises, it’s time to let our Salads meet the Sea. We’re Chop Stop, the #1 Chop Salad franchise in the country, and we’d like to show you why our concept is custom-built for your city. 

First of all, we know all the really cool trends start in Santa Monica before they spread out across the U.S. So it’s time to jump on the Salad Trolley and discover why Chop Stop is no ordinary salad bar franchise. We’ve taken salad franchises to the next step, and created a Chopped Salad so finely chopped your customers will be tempted to eat them with a spoon.

Our Chops are fast, healthy and unique, A lot like Santa Monica.


If you’re looking for franchises to buy, you want something as provocative as your city. So boring, greasy burgers are out. Vigorous, vibrant salads are in. We’re not talking about a plate of lettuce, though. We’re talking about an entire meal in a bowl. That means we’re not serving up rabbit food here. We’re offering your customers a healthy, hearty treat. One full pound of nutritious goodness that fills you up, not out.

Chop Stop offers the perfect dining experience for Santa Monica. On the one hand, it’s a healthy food franchise for people who simply want to eat healthier. On the other hand, if anyone is an all-out vegan, Chop Stop also makes a great vegan franchise. With a variety of Chopped Salads to choose from, vegans and meat eaters can start eating together again.

Plus, they can customize their salads to fit their individual tastes with our “Build Your Own Chop” option.

Santa Monica has always been a leader when it comes to the environment. You created one of the first sustainable city plans. 100% of your buses use alternative fuel; so if you want a good franchise to own, Chop Stop salads offer alternative fuel for humans. It gives them the delicious taste they want, but the healthy ingredients they need to conquer those Santa Monica stairs.

Best of all, our chop salad franchise saves space, which is at a premium in Santa Monica. You only need 1,100 square feet to operate a Chop Stop restaurant. That’s a fraction of the space required for those other fast food franchise opportunities.  Plus,


you can build your own salad restaurant for as low as $285K, making Chop Stop a truly low cost franchise. That entry price includes a one-time $30K franchise fee, lease, inventory, and practically everything except a traditional kitchen. When it comes to the environment, we’re ahead of you on this one. Since you don’t need to cook a salad, all that expensive kitchen equipment can be eliminated. No cooking, no grease, no hassle.  

These savings alone put us ahead of those other cheap food franchises. But our training program catapults our chopped franchise to an entirely new level. Our Salad Gang has experience in many different fields, so we can train you in every aspect on how to start a salad business. Everything from preparing our

Chopped Salads to bookkeeping, cost control, and even marketing. What’s more, you don’t need experience in business, franchising or restaurants. All you need is a passion for serving healthy food to the people of Santa Monica. If you’re looking for something new, we’re looking for you, whether you’re a seasoned serial entrepreneur, business executive, and empty nester. Chop Stop also makes one of the best franchise opportunities for stay at home moms. You can watch some of our testimonials here.  

When you’re ready to start your Salad Journey and open a restaurant franchise in California, fill out the form on this page and one of our friendly salespeople will be in touch ASAP, so you can help Santa Monica maintain a national reputation for the best sunshine, sunsets, and salads.




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