Own a Chop Stop Salad Franchise in San Francisco

If you’re looking at salad franchises to buy in San Francisco, Chop Stop should be your first stop. Like the people of your great city, we make our own rules and establish exciting, new trends.

Right now, we’re in the midst of a Salad Revolution. People are demanding healthier choices.  Millennials grew up in a fast food nation, so they still want a quick meal-on-the-go. But now they want it healthy. They want it all. They’re ready to march down the street to the nearest Chop Stop to get it.

Chop Stop isn’t your daddy’s typical bland and boring salad bar franchise. No, not at all. Chop Stop has developed a radical new method for serving a bowl of fresh produce. It’s a Chopped Salad so finely chopped that people are tempted to eat it with a spoon.


San Francisco has always been on the forefront of revolutionary ideas, and the Chopped Salad is the next wave in the culinary evolution for anyone interested in opening a restaurant franchise.

Our Chopped Salads are truly a salad for the people. We serve many great options. Customers can choose the “Build Your Own Chop” option to make their own salad – and create masterpieces worthy of the Museum of Modern Art. After all, art is subjective, but ours is edible. People can turn their Chops into a hearty meal, or they can opt for a vegetarian mix. Either way, Chop Stop fits the model if you want a vegan franchise

Best of all, we know San Francisco can be an expensive place for healthy fast food franchises, so we made an extra effort to keep Chop Stop a low cost franchise. First of all, you only need 1,100 square feet of space, which is manageable for a city like San Francisco. That’s less than half the size of those other fast food franchise opportunities. The secret? We don’t cook our salads, so we have no kitchen. That means no expensive equipment, no pots and pans, no greasy grills. That can save you $25K to $50K before you serve your first Chopped Salad. That’s one way we beat the buns off those other cheap food franchises.


When you’re ready to begin your chop’t franchise journey, our Salad Gang will show you everything you need to know on how to start a salad business. We cover all the skills you’ll ever need in our comprehensive 6-week training course, but we promise not to make it as tortuous as a stay on Alcatraz. You’ll gain hands-on training and classroom lessons. You’ll learn the fine art of chopping, bookkeeping, cost control, and everything else you need to succeed. Plus, you don’t need to worry about experience. As long as you have a passion for salads, we can teach you the rest. A Chop Stop franchise is perfect for empty nesters, business executives, or any adventurous soul looking for a new challenge. It’s also one of the best franchise opportunities for stay at home moms.

We have created a simple Turnkey Investment that makes it easier to open more Chops Stops. Plus, we offer exclusive territories, so your only competition will be the people you let run your stores. Our first franchisee has already opened her third chop salad franchise in three years. You can hear some of our testimonials here.  

If you’re ready to own a franchise in California, fill out the form on this page and one of our friendly salespeople will be in touch ASAP to show you why Emperor Edward Norton I has decreed that Chop Stop should be named the Imperial Salad of San Francisco




There’s no reason to wait, no obligation, and literally nothing to lose!

Take your first step down the road to becoming a Chop Stop salad franchisee today, while most territories are still open. Fill out the form below and someone will contact you ASAP. Or call (818) 369-7350 and ask to speak with a franchise salesperson.