Own a Chop Stop Salad Franchise in Sacramento

As “America’s Farm to Fork Capital,” Sacramento would make the perfect location for a Chop Stop salad restaurant franchise. You already have the market and the fresh produce. All you’re missing is the healthy food franchise.

Sacramento was at the epicenter of the Gold Rush. Now they can get in on the Salad Rush. “There’s fresh lettuce and produce in them thar hills!” All you need to do is get the healthy gold into the pans (er, bowls) of your customers. Everybody’s eating healthier these days – even Millennials. So salads are the new Gold Standard, but Chop Stop is no ordinary salad bar franchise. We serve Chopped Salads so hearty they make a complete meal. One full pound of produce and protein so finely chopped you’ll be tempted to eat them with a spoon.


Your customers still want it fast, but now they want it good and tasty. Chop Stop has heard the call. When you own a franchise with Chop Stop, you will learn how to prepare and serve one of our delicious Chopped Salads in 3 minutes and 24 seconds. That’s faster than the Pony Express could deliver a letter from Sacramento to – well, anywhere. 

The word about the fast casual restaurant sector has gotten out. It’s spreading faster than the news about Sutter’s Mill, and we all know that the people making the money in those days were the ones selling the supplies – and the food.

As any of those old gold miners woulda told ya, the best way to make a profit is to keep the costs down. So Chop Stop offers you an affordable, low

 cost franchise. If you’ve been looking for a fast food franchise for sale, some can reach the million dollar range. In fact, we heard that one burger place is selling for up to a million dollars an arch, despite the fact they’ve been losing market share to healthy fast food franchises like Chop Stop for years.

So you ask, “How much is a franchise?” At Chop Stop, our prices start at $285K, which includes a $30K franchise fee, lease, inventory, and almost everything else you need to open a restaurant – except a traditional kitchen. That’s because there’s no cooking time on our salads. This eliminates the need for expensive hoods, grills, and grease inceptors. If you’re counting your greenbacks, lettuce, or any other term you use for money, that could save you $25K to $50K before you even open for business.


See, the way to increase your profits is by keeping your costs down, so the saving we offer make those other cheap food franchises look more expensive than a goldmine. We don’t want our franchise owners stressing over money. We want to keep things fun and simple. That’s why people love opening a chop’t franchise with Chop Stop. You don’t open a restaurant, you become part of a family. You can hear some testimonials here

Regardless of your experience, our Salad Gang will train you how to start a salad business. We’ll teach you every aspect of the business until the Chopped Salads you create become works of art like you might find at the Crocker Museum. 

Since Sacramento is such a healthy town, we also offer vegetarian

selections, which is perfect if you’ve been looking to open a vegan franchise. Your customers can pick their own ingredients from our “Build Your Own Chop” option, or they can simply order the Wasabi Veggie Chop with avocado, beets, edamame, and – wait, I’m getting hungry now, so let me wrap it up so I can rush to the nearest Chop Stop to get my salad fix.

Bottom-line, folks. If you’re looking for franchises to buy in California, Chop Stop offers a fast, healthy, and economical option. So fill out the form on this page and someone from our Salad Gang will be in touch ASAP and show you why Chop Stop is one of the easiest food franchises to open.




There’s no reason to wait, no obligation, and literally nothing to lose!

Take your first step down the road to becoming a Chop Stop salad franchisee today, while most territories are still open. Fill out the form below and someone will contact you ASAP. Or call (818) 369-7350 and ask to speak with a franchise salesperson.