Own a Chop Stop Salad Franchise in Oxnard

Hello, Oxnard! You’ve been on our franchising list for a long time. So we’d love to get together and discuss the opportunity to open a salad restaurant franchise with Chop Stop, the #1 Chopped Salad restaurant in the nation. 

Maybe we could meet at Mandalay State Beach or one of your other pristine beaches. Like you, we like to keep things natural. Our Chopped Salads start with fresh produce, which your local farmers can tell you all about. Then we add our proprietary dressing and chopping techniques that would be difficult, if not impossible, to replicate. The result is a healthy, natural Chopped Salad.

Or we could discuss the art of the Chopped Salad at the Carnegie Art Museum, because our chop’t franchise is as unique as their


noteworthy collection.
If you’re looking for healthy salad franchises, Chop Stop is nothing like an ordinary salad bar franchise. Our happy customers consider our chops to be masterpieces, Cezanne in a bowl. Maybe better. Unlike Cezanne’s still life paintings, you can actually eat the fruit in our salads. 

Although we’re not usually big on preservatives, we love the way you preserved your historic downtown. You retained the rich flavor of your past, whereas we create a rich flavor in the present for our Chopped Salads.

If you’re looking for franchises to buy, Oxnard and Chop Stop make a beautiful pair like two dolphins swimming in the sea.

Our fresh and delicious Chopped Salads may even attract more wildlife to your beautiful shores, and we’re not just talking about the teenagers frolicking on the beaches. The whales that swim north every summer might hang around a few more months if you opened a Chop Stop franchise. After all, we do have an awesome Tuna Salad Chop with balsamic vinaigrette we think they’ll like.

When you own a franchise with Chop Stop, the best part is the family atmosphere. We don’t smother you with corporate red tape. Furthermore, our Salad Gang stands by your side every step of the way. We start you off with a comprehensive 6-week training course to learn every aspect on how to start a salad business.


 Although we’re not as strict as the Seabees Training at the Port Hueneme Naval Base, you’ll learn salad discipline. Our team will teach you advanced chopping techniques, emergency cost control, and every other survival skill you need to run a healthy restaurant franchise.

Like the military, we don’t ask for experience. You don’t need to have any skills from the restaurant business. Our Salad Gang has trained business executives looking for something new, empty nesters seeking something to do, and all sorts of entrepreneurs, just like you. In fact, Chop Stop is one of the greatest franchise opportunities for stay at home moms. Our first franchise owner is opening her third store in three years. You can hear some of our testimonials here.

Chop Stop is one of the easiest food franchises to open. We’ve created a Turnkey Investment that makes it simple to understand, easy to manage, and affordable to open more stores. The fast food franchise opportunities with Chop Stop start at $285K. Compared to any other cheap food franchise, that’s a great entry points. For one thing, you only need 1,100 square feet. That’s because we’re one of the few food franchises for sale that doesn’t need a kitchen. Why bother? It’s not like you can cook a salad. So there’s no need for expensive kitchen equipment. No grills, no grease, no mess. 

When you’re ready to open a low cost franchise in California, fill out the form on this page and one of our friendly salespeople will be in touch ASAP. We’re ready for Oxnard, and Oxnard is ready to catch the healthy salad wave coming from Chop Stop.




There’s no reason to wait, no obligation, and literally nothing to lose!

Take your first step down the road to becoming a Chop Stop salad franchisee today, while most territories are still open. Fill out the form below and someone will contact you ASAP. Or call (818) 369-7350 and ask to speak with a franchise salesperson.