Own a Chop Stop Salad Franchise in Gilbert

Gilbert, you’re one the fastest growing cities in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  So, if you’re looking for franchises to buy, we want to tell you about a salad franchise that’s growing as fast as you are – and equally as delicious, too.

You’ve come a long way since you were the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World.” Now, according to Money Magazine, you’re one of the best places to live in America, and our Salad Gang wants to move in. Don’t worry, we’re not a typical gang, we’re healthy and we promote good, healthy eating. But we know a good market when we see it, and you have all the qualities every franchise owner wants. You’re affluent (the highest average salary in the Phoenix Area), and smart (34.5% of you have bachelor degrees or higher), and healthy (so we bet you eat a lot of salads). The question is, do you want


to own a franchise in your area? If so, you only need to read a few more paragraphs to understand why we should be at the top of your list.

You’d have to go to the Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory to find a better restaurant franchise opportunity; and even if you found something in this galaxy, it would be light years away and it would probably be one of our own stores in a parallel universe. First of all, our concept is unique. We’re the only Chopped Salad franchise in the country. Plus, we give you exclusive rights in your area, so you can establish your brand and expand while your friends are still dabbling in greasy burgers, hi-carb pizza, and other junk food your market is running away from. That’s right, millennials these days are as likely to order a salad as they are to

order that crap they used to love as a kid. Don’t get us wrong. We respect a person’s right to eat hearty meals, and our salads are one full pound of nutritious yum-yum.  So, you might say Chop Stop could fit into the vegetarian restaurant franchise sector, and the Carnivore Category, if such a thing exists.

Either way, people love our Chopped Salads. They come for a healthy meal, and they keep coming back for the taste. This is no ordinary, wimpy salad we’re talking about. We start with ingredients as fresh as you’d find at your Gilbert Farmers Market, and then we slice them and dice them until they are so finely chopped you’re tempted to eat them with a spoon. The combination of flavors combine together to create a robust


experience in every bite.  That’s why we say, our Chops are “more than a salad.” Chop Stop is a good low cost franchise opportunity for people from all walks of life. You don’t need experience. We’re looking for business executives looking for a new career, empty nesters looking for something to keep boredom away, or even serial entrepreneurs looking for their next fix before they start that 12-step franchise rehab program. All you need is a passion for healthy food and a little lettuce in the bank. And it’s not that much lettuce. You only need 1,100 square feet, because salads don’t need to be cooked. Therefore, we threw out the kitchen. That saves you $25K to $50K right off the bat, because you don’t need messy hoods or grease inceptors. Bottom-line: Our

franchises start at $285K, so, if you’re thinking big, that could be 3 or 4 stores for the price some other fast food franchises are asking for one. We heard one place was charging up to a million dollars an arch, and they’re losing up to 2% market share a year.

If you’re considering cheap food franchises in Arizona, fill out the form on this page and one of our friendly salespeople will be in touch ASAP. We’d sure love to work with you in Gilbert, play a little golf, catch a few shows at the Hale Centre Theatre, and just have some good old-fashion fun.




There’s no reason to wait, no obligation, and literally nothing to lose!

Take your first step down the road to becoming a Chop Stop salad franchisee today, while most territories are still open. Fill out the form below and someone will contact you ASAP. Or call (818) 369-7350 and ask to speak with a franchise salesperson.