Own a Chop Stop Salad Franchise in Fremont

If you’re looking for franchises to buy in Fremont, California, a Chop Stop salad restaurant franchise embodies the spirit of John C. Fremont, the great explorer the city was named after. 

Your region has been a leader of originality for centuries. In fact, the Old Mission San Jose is one of the first Spanish missions in California, so it only seems natural that you should bring one of the first Chop Stop franchises to Fremont. It could be one of the most exciting things to happen to the city since the Tesla factory moved in. That’s because Chop Stops salads are more than a salad. They’re a revolutionary combination of ingredients chopped so fine you’ll be tempted to eat them with a spoon.
For anyone who wants to own a franchise, Fremont has always been a place where people make their own rules.


Mr. Fremont set quite an example with his adventurous nature.  Early silent film producers arrived in the early part of the 20th century to take motion pictures to a new level; and then the techies of Silicon Valley followed in the last part of the century to take computers to a new dimension.  Now foodies are changing the way everyone eats, so a Chop Stop could put Fremont back on the front lines of innovation.

As far as cheap food franchises go, Chop Stop helps you keep more of your hard-earned lettuce in the bank. A healthy food franchise with us starts at $285K, not a million or more like some of those other fast food franchise opportunities. For one thing, you only need 1,100 square feet. That’s because we threw out the kitchen and all that expensive kitchen equipment,

because you don’t need to cook a salad. That could make it kind of oily, couldn’t it? It’s this simplicity that makes Chop Stop the easiest food franchise to open. There’s no cooking, no grease, no hassle. All this cuts your initial costs by $25K to $50K, and it keeps your employees happy because they don’t need to make up excuses why they can’t clean the grill. 

Everything is healthy, simple, good – like a leisurely stroll through Coyote Hills Regional Park. There are hardly any moving parts to worry about, which is why our restaurant franchise has already proven successful among our investors. In fact, our first franchise owner is already opening her third store in three years. You can read some testimonials here, and you can review everything about us on our website.


Unlike some other franchise opportunities, we have nothing to hide. We’re as transparent as the scars at the Hayward Fault Exposed.

With our vegetarian options, we also fit the vegan franchise model, and we know how important the vegan movement is to the people in the Bay Area. Customers can assemble their own classic bowls of vegan paradise by selecting the “Build Your Own Chop” option. With or without the protein, our Chopped Salads are addicting. People come for the healthy choices, they return for the flavor. That’s why we say, “It’s more than a salad.” It’s a meal. Every creation is one full pound of nutritious yum-yum.

Making something this good isn’t easy, but your city knows what it takes to create art. The Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum preserves some of the early masterpieces of Charlie Chaplin and Broncho Billy, who filmed in Niles Canyon. So, as the popularity of our Chopped Salads continue to spread across the nation, we may need to preserve the memories in a Chopped Salad Museum in Fremont.

If you’re looking to open a low cost franchise in California, the spirit of John C. Fremont is looking for men and women seeking adventure. Fill out the form on this page and somebody from our Salad Gang will reach out and answer your questions on how to start a salad franchise. 




There’s no reason to wait, no obligation, and literally nothing to lose!

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