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Chop Stop is not merely a restaurant. It’s an addiction! Other restaurants have “customers.” We have a legion of manic fans who stalk us and claim they can’t live without us. (Hey, we’re not complaining.) These fans — including the all-important millennials — come from all walks of life, united in their passion for our chopped salads. But don’t just take our word for it. Read a sampling of some recent posts on social media. (And while you’re at it, read some of the recent articles about us in the mainstream media!)

Social Media

  • Elsa Abedi @elsaabedi

    3:30 a.m. & all I’m thinking about is having Chop Stop for lunch tomorrow

  • common sam @Trapospina

    Yea I guess alcohol & drugs are cool

  • Pey @‏peytongeyser

    I had @ChopStop today and I already want it again tomorrow

  • Daniel Rodger @DanielsLiving

    I wish I could eat a @ChopStop salad every day of my life

  • Marla White @‏marlawhite

    Been a week since I’ve had @ChopStop. #thoughtiwasgoingtodie

  • Finessssaa @‏Finessssaaaa

    If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? –Chop Stop

  • cammie @burns_cammie

    how did I ever live without chop stop

  • Ceci Carmichael @‏thatdisneychik

    I’m a little too obsessed with @ChopStop

  • e.e. @2ToesUp

    Discovered @ChopStop yesterday. Ate it for dinner last night, lunch today, and dinner tonight. JUDGE ME (no plug, just the beautiful truth)

  • Ms Jackson @‏NataliexJackson

    Craving chop stop 24/7

Mainstream Media

  • #9 With a Bullet
    Chop Stop is ranked #9 of the "100 Best New Franchises" in Entrepreneur's annual Franchise 500 List.
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  • New York Post - Feb 3, 2022
    Giant bunny loses to competitive eater in salad showdown
    Enjoy reading about this zany event that got us a TON of publicity!
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  • Chop Stop: The salad QSR with a 'meat-n-potatoes' guy at the helm
    "I'm a meat-and-potato guy," said chopped salad QSR founder and CEO Mark Kulkis without hesitation. That may not be the kind of statement you'd expect from the
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  • How to make a Healthy Profit
    Healthy food franchises are a good fit with the times, but selecting the right type can be a tricky business, says Mark Kulkis. Despite the world of gourmet donut shops, cookie...
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