Chop Stop: We’re Changing the Fast Food Industry’s Image

More than one-third of adults in the U.S. are obese. Even more alarming, 18.5% of U.S. children are obese. Many people blame the country’s ballooning waistlines on the fast food industry. High-calorie sodas, burgers and French fries have created an unsustainable diet that is literally killing millions. People need a healthy alternative… within reason. After all, it’s difficult to sacrifice the immediate gratification of great flavor for the future benefits of health.

Yes, following a plant-based diet is key to avoiding many lifestyle diseases. In fact, nearly half of people between 16 and 19 years old agree that eating less meat would benefit their health and the environment. But the food still needs to taste good.

As young people enter adulthood, they will look for vegetarian and vegan options they can eat quickly. Fast food restaurants that want to keep them as customers will need to introduce more healthy and customizable menu options. But again, the food needs to taste good. That’s where we come in. We are the classic “having your cake and eating it too.” We offer flavorful, healthy food options, and we’re extremely popular with customers because our food is so filling.

Chop Stop Is Positioned to Profit from Health-Conscious Americans

Many of the world’s biggest fast food chains have started adding vegetarian and vegan options in response to the rising trend around healthy eating, but a lot of them are playing catch up – badly. We’ve been on the healthy train since 2010.

Furthermore, it happened organically – pun intended – in response to our founder Mark Kulkis’ desire for a chopped salad. Living in LA, you’d think there would be one right around the nearest corner, but nope. He had to make his own. To fill that glaring hole in the market, he opened the first Chop Stop location in Southern California. Since 2010, the salad franchise has opened seven more locations throughout the area.

Franchisees who buy into a salad franchise like Chop Stop will find that people want healthy, fast food options that are also filling and taste good. Our salads and Chopurrito Bowls are already hugely popular in Southern California. Now, we’re ready to expand the franchise to give more Americans the healthy fast food options they want and deserve.

Opening a Chop Stop Salad Franchise

A salad franchise opportunity with Chop Stop offers a lot of financial benefits that other quick, healthy-option eateries don’t have. For instance, since salad shops don’t require a hood for cooking, franchisees automatically save $25K to $50K on this equipment.

Chop Stop is also easier to establish than most franchises. Instead of trying to get a full restaurant permit, franchisees can often operate their businesses under the “retail takeout food” designation.

To learn more about what our company looks for in franchisees, fill out a form here. You could get a head start on a food revolution that will change the way Americans eat and live.