Chop Shop Is Now Offering Franchise Opportunities to Qualified Candidates

Nearly half of today’s young consumers follow vegetarian and vegan diets because they want to protect the environment, eat healthy, and avoid industries that harm animals. Millennials are just as likely to order plant-based meals like salads as they are to order burgers or pizza.

This growing change in dietary habits creates a golden opportunity for investors to put their money into restaurants that focus on fresh, ethically-sourced meals. We’ve been capitalizing on the health trend since 2010. Over the past eight years, Chop Stop has opened seven locations in Southern California.

In 2015, we began offering salad franchise opportunities to qualified individuals. There’s one very important differentiator that pushes the company ahead of its competitors – our salads are chopped so fine you can eat them with a spoon! It’s a huge improvement in flavor and texture. Not only are our menu items fully customizable; our food is much more filling than an ordinary salad. Each chop offers at least a pound of flavorful, healthy food prepared fresh daily. If you want to take advantage of the growing trend toward healthy eating, you should consider a fresh-to-order Chop Stop franchise.

Our Salad Franchise Doesn’t Cost as Much as Most Restaurants

A salad franchise offers an excellent opportunity to generate profit without investing a hefty sum. For instance, to operate a Chop Stop salad franchise, you don’t need a hood or grease interceptor, which you’d need along with other special equipment to run a burger joint. That alone could save you from $25K to $50K, making it much easier for you to open your franchise and see profits sooner.

Depending on your local ordinances, you may also find that it’s easier to open a Chop Stop franchise than most restaurants. We often fall into the “retail takeout food” category, so you may not need a full restaurant permit.

The market for fast casual restaurants that offer healthy options like salads, locally sourced ingredients, all-natural lean chicken, and USDA-certified beef is expected to reach $66.9 billion by 2020. Buying a salad franchise gives you the opportunity to enter this rapidly growing industry. And entering the market now gives you a chance to establish your brand locally before other restaurants profit from the trend.

We Make Success “Dummy Proof”

As a Chop Stop operator, you’re going to find that everything is streamlined, simple, and uncomplicated. We are a lean, green machine. Since no cooking is involved and we pre-chop our fresh ingredients for every shift, entry-level employees can quickly learn how to fill orders fast.

With fewer moving parts, you can focus more of your time on the customer. That means better and faster customer service. The lunchtime crowd wants to get in and out fast. With an average ticket time of just 3 minutes and 24 seconds, fast is what we deliver!

We have so many repeat customers because our salads are addictive. When you chop a salad fine, you get all the flavors and textures of all the ingredients in each bite. Plus, since each chop weighing at least a pound, they really fill you up! With endless combinations for toppings, the ability to turn any salad into a wrap, and our customizable Chopurritos® burrito bowls as a warm food option, our menu truly has something for everyone. There’s just no comparing an ordinary salad with one of our chops. Hence our slogan – we really are more than a salad.

Chop Stop has enjoyed enormous success in Southern California. Now we’re looking to open franchises in six key markets:

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Utah

Do You Qualify as a Chop Stop Franchisee?

To open a Chop Stop salad franchise you will have to meet a few requirements. Potential franchisees must have:

  • $30,000 for the franchise fee.
  • An initial cash investment averaging around $320,000.
  • At least $90,000 in liquid capital.

If you meet these requirements, visit Chop Stop’s franchising website or submit an online application to take your first step toward becoming a Chop Stop franchisee. Make your move soon while there are still several territories available!