4 Interesting Facts About the Restaurant Industry

How much does it cost to open a franchise restaurant, anyway? This is just one question prospective Chop Stop franchisees invariably ask. If you’ve been thinking of starting a restaurant franchise, it’s important to do some research not only on brands you’re considering but the industry as a whole. Chop Stop has been making waves in the restaurant industry since 2010, when we debuted our unique and popular menu in Southern California. Below are a few interesting facts about the industry that we’ve picked up along the way.

Startup Costs Will Vary

Not all restaurants are created equal, so the startup costs of franchise brands vary. As you research how to open a salad bar business, be sure to take factors like location type (e.g. freestanding building or kiosk), menu variety, and the level of brand support into account. If you’re wondering “How much does it cost to open a franchise restaurant?” our website breaks down the costs for you! Opening a Chop Stop restaurant starts at around $285,000 and includes a lease on a freestanding location, inventory, and signage and marketing expenses. Check out our FAQ to learn more about the initial investment!

Healthy Eating Rules

Today’s consumer is more focused than ever on choosing healthy options, and this preference is impacting many facets of the restaurant industry. The popularity of plant-based diets is even impacting how much meat restaurants order! We pride ourselves on offering a fresh and healthy menu with differentiators like large portion sizes and innovative flavor combinations. This unique take on chopped salads allows our franchisees to appeal to consumers of all tastes.

Fast-Casual Leads the Pack

Fast-casual restaurant concepts have enjoyed significant popularity in recent years. Traditionally, Americans didn’t have many options if they were looking for a quick meal on the go – burger restaurants had dominated the space for decades. Thanks, in part, to the consumer demand for high-quality, healthy food, fast-casual restaurants like Chop Stop have become industry leaders. Their growth outpaced fast food brands in 2017, and their popularity is still surging.

Franchising is a Great Way to Break into the Business

Many entrepreneurs wonder if franchising is the right way to go. As you research how to open a salad bar business, keep in mind that building a successful business requires a lot more than a great menu. Many of factors work together to drive customers through the door and keep them coming back. Reputation, innovation, location, and quality are just a few points to consider.

Franchise brands like Chop Stop can help new investors hit the ground running. Our name brand is well-established thanks to our rapid growth across Southern California, and many people are already familiar with who we are and what we have to offer. This great reputation is an asset to franchisees who are looking to start a new business. Furthermore, we help our franchisees every step of the way, offering them valuable support as they choose a location, launch targeted marketing campaigns, and so forth.

As you continue to learn more about how to open a salad bar business, keep these facts in mind! We think you’ll find that industry trends make Chop Stop an excellent choice for your investment.

Our franchisees all learned how to open a salad bar business with us and have never looked back. Find out what they have to say about owning a Chop Stop franchise. For more info, fill out our form here

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