About Us

Think of Chop Stop as social networking for food. We bring together different fresh ingredients and flavors of food and combine them into a sum that is better tasting than its individual parts. Our goal is to provide meals that are hearty and stick to your ribs, without being bad for your heart or expanding your waistline. To that end, we use only the highest quality, fresh food. Whenever possible we use locally grown produce. Then we add generous portions of meats, cheeses and other goodies. In fact, a typical Chop weighs a full pound, and just one of our meat toppings is as much protein as you typically get in a six-inch sub at one of the national chains. But because we skip the heavy carbs found in their bread, our Chops are healthier and lower in calories while still filling you up.

Because everything is pre-chopped, we're able to assemble your meal quickly. So you spend less time waiting for your food, and more time enjoying it. And we offer full customization. You can design your own Chop, soup or wrap from among over 40 delicious ingredients. Or leave that work to us and choose one of our pre-designed menu items.

Our bottom-line goal is to provide you with a fast meal that's healthier and better tasting than fast "food." And for an affordable price. But words only go so far. There's only one way for you find out. Try us and see for yourself.

Nutritious, Delicious & Fast. That's Chop Stop!